Good Morning Xbox – #76 Will Starfield Exceed Expectations? GMX Game Award Nominations

by GUGAdminpublished on January 9, 2023

Welcome back and thank you for joining us for a new year and a new refocused Good Morning Xbox. We hope to be more precise, more focused and more positive for all of our fans and especially those of you who love us for our Xbox based content.

We have a new intro and the return of an old panel member with Cerebral Paul.

Todays episode we go over what our wildest hopes and expectations are for Starfield and we will be announcing our our version of the game awards in which our viewers and subscribers can vote on.

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Good Morning Xbox List of Game Award Nominees.

Xbox Game of the Year:

Studio of the Year:

3rd Party Game of the Year:

Racing Game of they Year:

Sports Game of they Year:

Indie Game of the Year:

RPG of the Year:

Multiplayer Game of the Year:

Best Ongoing Game:

Best Game Pass Title:

Most Anticipated Game of 2023:

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