The Gamers United Guild is a community of Gamers that promote, fun, positive, and informative content creators.
Our content creators and community play on every console and platform including PC, Mobile, and VR. We are non bias when it comes to gaming. If you can game on it, will play on it.
We offer everything from podcasts, reviews, interviews, unboxings, and more.
Yes many of our shows will often do giveaways throughout the year.
Yes our content creators are very active with the community. We love to interact with live chat during shows and the comment section of our videos. You can also find many of our content creators very active on Twitter.
First reach out to the community and get to know each other. Join us for some of our shows and participate in the fun. And we can go from there. A vote is always taken as to who is accepted into the Guild. We are looking forward to gaming with you.
As a member of the Gamers United Guild, we ask you to use the bumper video or GUG Logo on your streams and URL list on your channel’s content to help bring visibility to fellow GUG members, as they bring visibility to you. The more of us that use these tools, the stronger our channels will be as we are promoting each other. A small thing to ask. Promotional material will be provided.