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4GQTV is your premier destination for all things entertainment. We cover everything in the industry from video games to film. Every episode is catered to a hot topic of what’s going on in the industry. We have frequent guests giving us a sneak peek at what it’s like to do the work that they do. We like to bring the information directly to you in a fun and family-friendly manner. We hope to see you tune in and become part of our family.

Bacon Ice Cream Productions

We are a production company that formed April 26, 2007. We’ve evolved over the years from convention coverage to live gaming and coverage of various topics. Our primary focus right now is our Team RTFC TCG coverage of games like SRG’s SuperShow, and Transformers TCG. We also are bringing you great content in the video game and retro space with shows like Perfect Score Returns, and Good Times with “Retro” Rich! So whether you love a good TCG throwdown, or want to kick back and reminisce about the good old days of video gaming, we’ve got you covered right here!

Cerebral Paul

Welcome to my channel, where I do everything a bit differently! I was born with Cerebral Palsy many moons ago. Video games, movies, and TV have been a huge part of my life. As the years have gone by and the technology has gotten better I’ve grown to enjoy them more and more. My hope with my content is to have a bit of fun and give you a glimpse into how I see the world… You’ve been warned. If you ever have questions hop into chat and ask away Cerebral Paul

Classy Gaming Fun

Hi my name is Pete. Are you a fan of of Evercade, Atari VSC, Polymega or anything in between? I love talking about all things gaming and I am dedicated to bringing positive vibes to YouTube anyway I can. If this kind of content is something you think you may enjoy, then please take a moment to SUBSCRIBE so that you don’t miss any great original content! Extra-Life

DJC Game Studios

Detroit Music Artist Devastating Just Cause “DJC” Talks and plays video games! Yes that’s right, The Devastating Just Cause is known for his crazy Music over the years but did you know he is also is a Big Gaming fan? And Now has reserved this channel to express the Love of collecting and playing video games and Arcade games. DJC has a passion for retro systems from The Intellivision to the Turbografx 16 and everything in between. So Crack open your favorite beverage and Cheers!! And Enjoy, Like, Subscribe! its gonna be one Silly Time!!!

Geeks With Cash

Welcome to Geeks with Cash this channel is about collectibles and video games. Were mostly geeky professionals who now have more cash than free time and like to share our love of all things geeky with others! I try to do uploads twice a week ,along with streams on Tuesday and Thursday!


Here at gogamego we love talking video games, music, TV shows, movies, candy, Funko Pops, Bea Arthur, Charles Nelson Reilly…and you never know what else. Catch us every Wednesday and Thursday night!

Iconic Video Games Podcast

Hello everybody and welcome to my gaming channel! This is a channel dedicated to all the video games I have played, look forward to playing and some of the gaming events I’m into. I love to play games and connect with others. My favorite genres include shooters, action, tactics and retro. If you like my content please subscribe and like. This is also the home to the Iconic Video Games Podcast. It’s podcast all about the amazing games on all platforms, new and old and geared towards gamers of all ages.


Long time fan of videogames and small time Youtuber. You can find me on Xbox Live at Newf Nukem. Member and co-host of Gaming After Dark with Titan Drago and Middle Age Game Guy and the new Good Morning Xbox Podcast on Sunday’s at 9AM Eastern.

Original Next Level Gaming

We are The ORIGINAL Next Level Gaming, your place for objective and passionate video game talk; featuring Mike Mullis (Stinger), Peter Heutink (HTK), & Chris Williams (Fastback). With way over 100 years of video gaming between them, you can expect informative and entertaining gaming talk every week on The NLG Show; Thursday Night at 9pm EST! “Founding Member of the Gamers United Guild”.

Papa Pete

Visit Papa Pete the Old Guy Gamer on YouTube for Classic Retro Game Reviews, Pick-ups, and More!

PK Entertainment

Were ALL entertainment lives! Video games, sports, movies…. All subjects and all areas come share topics on your favorite subjects.

Retro Renegades

Grab a beer, a slice of pizza and come hang out with us. We play the greatest games from yesterday while discussing today’s gaming news and reminisce on the past. A no topic, no fuks given eccentric cast. Come hang with us at 7:00PM EST | 6:00PM CST | 5:00PM MST | 4:00PM PST.


Founded in 2015, TXR Podcast is a Xbox Centric Channel bringing informative Insightful new about the gaming industry, while paying respects to those who have created.